"Played since 1981"
Gosh, where to begin..?

        Well, given that you're here, I'll not bore you with endless babble over the
    strengths and weaknesses of the game system, or those whom I've played
    the game with. Instead, I'll say this:

        "My involvement has shown me new ways to look at all things..."

    And I must thank all of you who have helped me learn that!

There once was a cartoon:
Click here to suffer!

Oh, if you're offended by anything you see here, LOG OFF!!!

Oh, here's a picture I've always loved...

My peace spoken, let's move on to sections I have for viewing:

         Characters     Monsters     Treasure     Settings     House Rules

AD&D Links             And my little Gallery...

Now a 2nd Gallery...          And finally a 3rd Gallery(INTENSE)..!

(Please note: By the end of 2001, I will most likely no longer be playing or running this game.)

UPDATE: I have retired from this game as of September 23rd, 2001. I leave the materials here in honor of all those treasured moments and bonds which this game helped create, and to perhaps insipre others in the future days and years to come...

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