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An incredible human journey...

Scanning... Your presence is authorized, automatic intruder defense systems standing down. Welcome traveller, I am "Zen", the Liberator's artificial intelligence. I am instructed to brief you on operations and personnel. Information follows...

The Crew:

A group visual file.

Naughty Avon...

Avon: Second in Command.

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Blake: Commander


Cally: Telepathic Operations

Dayna: Weapons and Close Combat

Gan: General Service

Villa: Electronics and Security Systems



Teleport Bracelet.

Standard issue sidearm.

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System Ship: Liberator

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Federation Pursuit Ship

Federation High Commander: Servalan

Computer: Slave

Secondary Vessel: Scorpio

Federation Commander: Travis

Federation Trooper invading the Liberator: Suppressed

    -This conludes your briefing. Additional information upon rendezvous with Blake's 7, good luck...

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