Welcome to my Battle Tech page!

It's a great futurstc combat simulation game, I've played it for many years...

Even though FASA is gone, there are plenty of
players still out there.

The computer versions are getting more impressive all
the time...

There are two maps I have avaliable:

Inner Sphere - circa 3058

and Innersphere - circa 3060

and just so you're not lost, here's an "Inner Sphere in the Milky Way" map..!

-I own various books on the game, and software to boot. In case you're wondering, I'm keeping the interface as simple as possible to maxmize your download speed and streamline my bandwidth...

Ok, I know you're here for BattleTech, so

Click HERE for the CBT site..!

There's another great game(once by FASA), called
"Star Trek Combat Simulator"...

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