Contributed to by several of my great friends!

(All copyrights belong to whomever own them!)

    First up: Ship Designs!

Here's the form we all know and used...

Additionally there is a SOFTWARE VERSION online..!(Now, on to what yer here for...)

United Federation of Planets:
Click here for Federation designs!

           Klingon Empire:
Klingon designs here..!

T h e  R o m u l a n s :

No link here to the Romulan page, really, honest...

The Orion Merchant League
Click on the pretty my friend...

The Gorn Alliance

    If you ever get bored with the "Fab 5"(Standard races), I've come up with an alternate solution:

Alternate Technologies!

We also experimented with some alternate house-rules...

UPDATE: Download your own counters HERE..!

Want to know where the fight's happening? Then click HERE...

Official Star Trek site!

Link to my other FASA game..!

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