Space Station Camelot SFR-303


Welcome to what once was the Camelot..!

The Camelot was a member of 

It was located in Region 3

We were under Construction...

Fear not though, our growth would have included many genre's!!!

We met on the 1st Sundy of each month, at about 2pm. Feel free to call us(512)989-8968 (our home number) or Email the ex-CO for more information.

Here was a printable copy of our Application.

Although the mailing address was:

2407 Water Well Lane

Austin, TX 78728

Come in and meet the old crew..!

This was a copy of our Proposed Constitution.

We were originally a shuttle of the USS Bexar..!

For those of you who want to see it, the Camelot's Technical Readout is located here...

There are also our Links..!

This page has been visited MANY times since Oct. 7, 1999...