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For some funky-kool movies, click the shuriken! Kung Fu Cult Movies..!

You want news? Here's a good source: The BBC

Click here for a legend...

I like the StarGate series, so just click--> Link to the SG-1 site!

Taste the real thing: Coca Cola!

How about Star Wars..? To Official Star Wars site

Anybody seen the shuttle? Here's the official site for NASA...

Like scary adventure? Then try some--> 

Click HERE for my  page...

This graphic says enough about the page it links to..>To my BattleTech page!

Oh, I'm still a HUGE fan of LEGOs..!

As for browsers, follow this way-->>

Click here to reach my Anime pages! it's not just a hobby, and one MUST make the pilgrimmage to A-Kon..!

Link to my Talislanta page..!

The RPG of the MILLENIUM and Still No Elves..!

And now my Lord of the Rings page...

One of the coolest B-flicks ever...  Be ready, the Tall Man is waiting...

One really GREAT source of art and artists: The Elfwood

Worried it's might rain..? A great weather site

Oldie but baddie..!

If you like gadgets, cars, electronics, and all that "guy stuff". Then follow the the way to Popular Mechanics.

Big, green, and radioactive... 'Nuff said! Link to my Godzilla Page...

Music to my ears since I first heard their work, Tangerine Dream!

If you just can't get enough Quake, then try it THIS way->Quake Super Heroes

Space enthusiasts should also lend an ear to what other countries are up to, at the European Space Agency website.
Maybe this is more your style..?
Just wierd weather, or aliens talking to us? You can decide for yourself what Crop Circles are...

As always, the net should follow the code...

And there's always a way back...